Erin K Drew

Artist Interview: Erin K Drew

Erin K Drew lives and works in Bloomington, Indiana, a small, dense, idiosyncratic, and beautiful college town. There she serves coffee, curates experimental transfeminist basement events, contributes to podcasts, composes lyrical essays, and keeps tabs on visual culture in her small corner of Planet America over at Extreme Appearances.

What's involved in your process of art making?

Adaptation is ontegral to my artmaking process. With moves across town and state I've experienced some big shifts in physical space available for artmaking and those have yielded major changes in scale of work and medium I choose.

I've recently chosen to focus on writing creative non-fiction and perform writing rather than making overtly visual work. Through this change I"ve come to the important conclusion that I've been working out the same ideas through different media and that shifts in media are still part of the same creative process. It's been interesting to tease out/collapse distinctions between writing/drawing and reading/performance art as part of that process.

Aimless wandering in the built environment is also important to my process and I love cataloguing and cribbing from handpainted signage, vernacular architectural elements, and folk art in public space.

What are you excited about right now?

Right now I'm excited about the writer Rebecca Solnit, especially her book A Field Guide to Getting Lost. She's a great people's historian and she gracefully synthesizes a lot of the concepts at the forefront of my mind lately. Also, she comes from a punk/protest culture I relate to.

I've also been day dreaming about going on a journalistic fact-finding mission to Wisconsin outsider art environments. It's totally beautiful lately = roadtrip season??

What's next?

I'm excited to scrape together a performance for Iris Camp 2013 "A celebration of rock n roll and magic in the woods of Southern Indiana," happening May 31-June 2, organized by some of my favorite local performers and to lend a hand in organizing a William S. Burroughs 100th Anniversary Media Event (and counter-events?) in Bloomington, IN.